A Therapist's Story: Michael McKenna tells of his own very personal and moving journey from a life of abuse, violence and addiction to becoming a Harley Street Psychotherapist.

Harley Street, London, is known as the centre of excellence for all things medical, including psychotherapeutic and psychological support. The chances of Michael McKenna finding himself working as a psychotherapist there was slim, to say the least. The road to Harley Street would offer Michael a range of challenges, which included coming to terms with his own childhood sexual abuse, surviving gang warfare in one of Glasgow’s tougher neighbourhoods, spending time in a detention unit where he was strangled and resuscitated, and then by becoming alcohol and drug dependent - and all before he reached sixteen! Now in his fifties, Michael works for some of the world’s leading organisations as an international executive coach and psychotherapist. These days he can be found working in various fields: from supporting hostages to assisting leaders and leadership teams in any one of eight countries across three continents. 

Foreword by Christine Webber, Harley Street, London. 
‘I love this book. The author’s voice, and his wry and witty and anarchic view on life, is evident in every word. And there is a powerful message in its pages about the resilience of the human spirit which we can all benefit from.’